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Dome Fuji 720 kyr Oxygen Isotope (bandsaw chip) and Dust Data
Supplement to : Dome Fuji Ice Core Project Members, Kawamura, K., Abe-Ouchi, A., Motoyama, H., Ageta, Y., Aoki, S., AZUMA, N., Fujii, Y., Fujita, K., Fujita, S., FUKUI, K., Furukawa, T., Furusaki, A., Goto-Azuma, K., Greve, R., Hirabayashi, M., Hondoh, T., Hori, A., Horikawa, S., Horiuchi, K., Igarashi, M., Iizuka, Y., Kameda, T., Kanda, H., Kohno, M., Kuramoto, T., Matsushi, Y., Miyahara, M., Miyake, T., MIYAMOTO, A., Nagashima, Y., Nakayama, Y., Nakazawa, T., NAKAZAWA, F., Nishio, F., Obinata, I., Ohgaito, R., Oka, A., Okuno, J., Okuyama, J., Oyabu, I., Parrenin, F., Pattyn, F., Saito, F., Saito, T., Saito, T., Sakurai, T., Sasa, K., Seddik, H., Shibata, Y., Shinbori, K., Suzuki, K., Suzuki, T., Takahashi, A., Takahashi, K., Takahashi, S., Takata, M., Tanaka, Y., Uemura, R., Watanabe, G., Watanabe, O., et al., State dependence of climatic instability over the past 720,000 years from Antarctic ice cores and climate modeling. Science Advances, 3, e1600446 (2017), doi: 10.1126/sciadv.1600446

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  • We investigate the long-term characteristics of climatic variability using a new ice-core record from Dome Fuji, East Antarctica, combined with an existing long record from the Dome C ice core. Antarctic warming events over the past 720,000 years are most frequent when the Antarctic temperature is slightly below average on orbital time scales, equivalent to an intermediate climate during glacial periods, whereas interglacial and fully glaciated climates are unfavourable for a millennial-scale bipolar seesaw. Numerical experiments using a fully coupled atmosphere-ocean general circulation model with freshwater hosing in the northern North Atlantic showed that climate becomes most unstable in intermediate glacial conditions associated with large changes in sea ice and the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation.

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  • Kawamura, K., H. Motoyama, K. Goto-Azuma, R. Uemura, I. Oyabu, Dome Fuji Ice Core Project Members, 2017, Dome Fuji 720 kyr Oxygen Isotope (bandsaw chip) and Dust Data, 1.00, Arctic Data archive System (ADS), Japan,

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    Spatial coverage

  • N:  -77.32°   S:  -77.32°   E:  39.7°   W:  39.7°  

    Temporal coverage

  • 1993-01-01   -   2007-01-01


  •  CC BY-NC 4.0


  • Kenji Kawamura
    (National Institute of Polar Research)
  • Hideaki Motoyama
    (National Institute of Polar Research)
  • Kumiko Goto-Azuma
    (National Institute of Polar Research)
  • Ryu Uemura
    (Nagoya University)
  • Ikumi Oyabu
    (National Institute of Polar Research)
  • Dome Fuji Ice Core Project Members
    (Ice Core Consortium)


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