Arctic Research Directory
231proton auroraFieldwork2008-10-012009-03-31
120monitoring of subsurface pH and pCO2, and sampling of calcareous planktonsFieldwork2013-09-012014-09-10
230Wind measurements in the MLT region at 75 degree northFieldwork2008-04-012009-03-31
107Wave buoy observationFieldwork2016-09-102019-11-10
156W-band Cloud Profiling Doppler Radar (FALCON-A) at in Ny-AlesundFieldwork2014-04-012018-03-31
236Tower flux observation and the large scale evaluation of carbon budget in arctic terrestrial ecosystemsFieldwork2007-04-012008-03-31
226Tower based CO2 flux observation in the arctic terrestrial ecosystems and the regional estimation by synthesis with satellite dataFieldwork2008-04-012009-03-31
224The land-sea interactions: The Yukon River and Bering SeaFieldwork2008-06-012009-03-31
61Surface and subsurface hydrological-thermal states observations in AlaskaFieldwork2012-12-012014-02-28
215Study on the behavior of Greenland sharksFieldwork2009-06-012009-06-30
56Study on plasma irregularity in the ionospheric cusp by sounding rocketFieldwork2013-11-012013-12-31
51Study of energetic electron precipitaions from the radiation belt based on the VLF/LF standard wave measurementFieldwork2013-04-012014-03-31
96Study of energetic electron precipitaions from the radiation belt based on the VLF/LF standard wave measurementFieldwork2012-04-012014-03-31
92Spectral observations of aurora and airglow at LongyearbyenFieldwork2012-10-012014-03-31
62Spatio-temporally continuous temperature monitoring using optical fibers in the internal forest areas in AlaskaFieldwork2012-04-012018-03-31
27Solid precipitation measurementsFieldwork2012-01-012017-03-31
206Soil microbe diversity investigation in the Norwegian high ArcticFieldwork2018-07-202018-08-10
132Sociological research activity in GreenlandFieldwork2017-07-152018-08-03
122Social AnthropologyFieldwork2017-09-042017-09-18
212Snow cover in the northern Alaska and satellite observationFieldwork2009-08-012011-02-28
64Shipboard measurements of green house gases in the Arctic SeaFieldwork2012-09-012013-10-31
124Ship-borne observations of trace gases/aerosols in the marine atmosphereFieldwork2016-08-242016-10-03
110Ship-board observations of atmospheric greenhouse gases and related species in the Arctic ocean and the western North PacificFieldwork2016-08-222018-12-07
126Seasonal distribution of short-tailed shearwaters and their prey in the Bering and Chukchi seasFieldwork2016-08-272016-09-27
41Seasonal changes in the settling particles by sediment trap experiment at the Northwind abyssal plainFieldwork2013-09-012013-09-30
26Seabird research at St Lawrence Island, AlaskaFieldwork2016-07-202018-08-28
106Sea-ice and oceanographic mooring operations of Barrow, Alaska 2017Fieldwork2017-07-312017-08-11
192SIGMA II(Snow Impurity and Glacial Microbe effects on abrupt warming in the Arctic)Fieldwork2017-05-222017-06-13
119S2S museumModel
72Revegetation after large-scaled wildfire in AlaskaFieldwork2012-08-012013-08-31
210Response of ice algae community to lightFieldwork2011-03-012011-03-07
100Research cruise of T/S Oshoro-maru in the northern Bering Sea, 2017Fieldwork2017-07-152017-08-05
193Research cruise of T/S Oshoro-maru in the northern Bering Sea and Arctic Ocean, 2018Fieldwork2018-06-292018-07-15
194Research cruise of Russian research vessel in the Gulf of Anadyr, 2018Fieldwork2018-08-012018-08-20
220Research Cruise of R/V Mirai 2019 (Phytoplankton and Zooplankton)Fieldwork2019-09-272019-11-10
102Research Cruise of R/V Mirai 2017 (Sea bird, zooplankton, optics)Fieldwork2017-09-012017-09-30
58Reindeer herding in Sakha RepublicFieldwork2013-10-012013-10-31
135Regional CTM simulation over mid latitude to arcticModel
16Radiosonde observation in RV MIRAI cruiseFieldwork2016-08-222019-11-10
85RIHN/Seberia HydrometeorologyFieldwork2012-06-012012-10-31
103R/V Sikuliaq (UAF) cruise in 2017Fieldwork2017-07-012017-07-31
142R/V Mirai Arctic Ocean Cruise (MR17-05C)Fieldwork2017-08-232017-10-02
59R/V Mirai Arctic Ocean Cruise (MR16-06)Fieldwork2016-08-222016-10-05
117Primary production and transportation of organic materials in the northern Bering and the southern Chukchi SeasFieldwork2016-08-222016-10-05
199Precipitation water sampling for isotope analysisFieldwork2018-07-022020-03-31
214Phylogeographic characterization of prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms in the ArciticFieldwork2009-08-132009-08-17
89Oceanographic surveys in the coastal region off Hokkaido, the Okhotsk Sea, during sea-ice season using the icebreaker "Garinko-II"Fieldwork2011-02-012013-03-31
45Observations on effects of arctic haze on ice cloud formationFieldwork2013-03-012013-06-30
37Observations on crustal uplifting and gravity in southeastern AlaskaFieldwork2013-05-012013-06-30
91Observations of polar mesopause region at LongyearbyenFieldwork2012-01-012013-12-31
90Observations of mesopause region at TromsoFieldwork2012-01-012013-12-31
75Observation on water and carbon cycles of Permafrost Ecosystem in Eastern SiberiaFieldwork2010-05-012012-08-31
60Observation on occurrence of lightning and forest fire in AlaskaFieldwork2012-05-012012-09-30
70Observation of tundra ecosystem in Ny-Aalesund,SvalbardFieldwork2012-06-012012-09-30
216Observation of soil organic decomposition by microorganisms in Ny-Alesund,SvalbardFieldwork2007-07-012009-07-31
238Observation of greenhouse gases in the Arctic areaFieldwork2007-04-012008-03-31
197Observation of energy, water, CO2 flux at larch forest in eastern SiberiaFieldwork2016-04-012018-03-31
239Observation of atmospheric aerosol by Lidar and balloon-borne OPCFieldwork2008-01-012008-01-31
86Observation of Northwest passageFieldwork2012-07-012013-08-01
44Observation of MF/HF auroral radio emissionsFieldwork2011-04-012014-03-31
242Observation of MF auroral radio emissionsFieldwork2007-04-012011-03-31
73Observation of Land use among Alaska Natives and seasonal flooding in southwestern AlaskaFieldwork2012-03-012012-03-31
233Observation of Boreal Forest Fires and Investigation on Burned AreaFieldwork2007-07-012007-07-31
81North Greenland Eemian Ice Drilling (NEEM)Fieldwork2009-05-012012-08-31
13NICAM-COCO coupling modelModel
208Muti-disciplinary observation study for the Arctic OceanFieldwork2010-09-012010-10-31
88Multi-tracer study on Arctic Ocean acidification and related biogeochemical processesFieldwork2011-07-012012-08-31
127Mooring observations in the Barrow Canyon and southern Chukchi SeaFieldwork2016-09-012017-10-31
87Mooring measurement of sea-ice thickness in the Chukchi Sea coastal polynyaFieldwork2009-08-012014-08-31
204Monitoring periglacial processesFieldwork2007-05-012012-08-31
99Monitoring of permafrost and active layer conditions after wildfireFieldwork2016-08-232016-09-09
50Millimeter-wave cloud radar observation in Ny-AlesundFieldwork2013-09-012013-12-31
228Measurement of wind in the polar mesosphereFieldwork2007-04-012009-03-31
84Measurement of snow physical parameters using a ground-based spectral radiometer in Ny-Aalesund, SvalbardFieldwork2012-09-012014-03-31
229Measurement of auroral emissionsFieldwork2007-10-012009-02-28
221Marine Ecosystem Responses to Global Climate Change in the Bering and Chukchi SeasFieldwork2007-07-012008-08-31
25Low frequency radio observationFieldwork2010-01-012020-01-01
76Latitude Effect on Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen Stable Isotope Ratios in Foliage and in Nitric-oxide Ions of AerosolsFieldwork2012-05-012012-05-31
223Joint Western Arctic Climate Studies (2)Fieldwork2006-09-012008-08-31
222Joint Western Arctic Climate Studies (1)Fieldwork2006-07-012008-10-31
97JOIS cruiseFieldwork2016-09-212016-10-18
232Investigation of propagation characteristics of MF band radio waves in the ionosphere by SRP5 sounding rocketFieldwork2009-01-012009-01-31
234Impacts of wildfire on the hydrological environments in Interior AlaskaFieldwork2007-05-012007-09-30
15Impact of sea ice distribution on the evolution of a polar lowModel
95Iceland - Syowa Auroral Conjugate ObservationFieldwork2007-09-012014-04-30
80Ice mass change of the Greenland ice sheetFieldwork2012-07-012013-07-31
82Ice Climatology of the Okhotsk and Baltic Seas: Observations and Analysis of Variability in Cryosphere during the IPYFieldwork2011-11-012012-06-30
121How plankton responses to multi stressors such as ocean warming and acidification?Fieldwork2015-09-012017-10-02
19Hindcast simulation for Arcctic impacts on the mid-latitude climateModel
5High-resolution sea ice-ocean modeling on the Arctic environmental changes (COCO + Arctic NEMURO)Model
104Habitat modeling of fishes in the Bering and Chukchi Seas using satellite remote sensing dataModel
67Ground-based remote sensing of aerosol and clouds at Ny-AlesundFieldwork2007-01-012018-03-31
33Ground-based in situ measurement of cloud physics at Ny-AlesundFieldwork2013-08-012018-03-31
65Ground-base based FTIR observation at PokerFlat,AlaskaFieldwork2012-01-012012-12-31
68Greenhouse gas observations at Ny Aalesund, SvalbardFieldwork2008-04-012018-03-31
133Greenhouse gas observation at Ny-ÅlesundFieldwork1991-07-012020-03-31
241Gravity measurement with a superconducting gravimeter at Ny-Alesund NorwayFieldwork2007-04-012008-03-31
74Global Warming and the Human-Nature Dimension in Siberia : Social Adaptation to the Changes of the Terrestrial Ecosystem, with an Emphasis on Water EnvironmentsFieldwork2013-02-012013-03-31
79Glaciological observation in Suntar Khayata,east SiberiaFieldwork2012-07-012012-09-30
39Geomagnetic field observationFieldwork2013-04-012014-03-31
116GREENEDGE Ice camp 2016Fieldwork2016-05-242016-07-18
240GPS and gravity measurements in southeastern AlaskaFieldwork2007-06-012007-06-30
83Forest Fire Impacts to Hydrological Cycles, Permafrost and Eco Systems in Central AlaskaFieldwork2007-05-012013-08-31
66Flask sampling for greenhouse gases over Siberia by commercial airlinerFieldwork2012-04-012013-03-31
2Field observations on glaciers, ice caps and the ocean in Qaanaaq, northwestern GreenlandFieldwork2016-06-292016-08-03
129Field observations on glaciers and ice caps in Qaanaaq, northwestern GreenlandFieldwork2017-07-012018-08-03
219Field observations on glaciers and ice caps in Qaanaaq, northwestern GreenlandFieldwork2019-07-012019-08-10
131Field observations on glacier fjord in northwestern GreenlandFieldwork2017-07-152018-08-03
218Field observations on glacier fjord in northwestern GreenlandFieldwork2019-07-202019-08-20
202Energy, water vapor, and CO2 fluxes using micrometeorological measurements at a burned black spruce forests in Poker Flat Research Range.Fieldwork2018-04-012019-03-31
201Energy, water vapor, CO2 and CH4 fluxes using micrometeorological measurements at a black spruce forests in FairbanksFieldwork2018-04-042019-03-31
225Effects of plant pathogenic fungi on survival of natural vegetations in polar regionsFieldwork2008-08-012008-08-31
213Ecology of plankton in seasonally ice-covered sea along the coast of Hokkaido, JapanFieldwork2009-04-012010-03-31
138Ecological survey of Greenland sharksFieldwork2016-09-052018-09-20
207Ecological study on polar bearsFieldwork2011-04-012011-04-30
123Ecological Survey on Seasonal Migration of Brent Goose between Siberia and Japan.Fieldwork2017-03-172019-02-27
111Ecological Survey on Seasonal Migration and Habitat Use of Large Mammals in Sakha Republic.Fieldwork2017-03-172018-08-31
69Ecological Changes of Wild Reindeer Populations and its influences to the northern Indigenous peoples in Eastern SiberiaFieldwork2011-02-012012-09-30
200East Greenland Ice Core Project (EGRIP)Fieldwork2018-06-072018-08-09
3East GReenland Ice core Project (EGRIP)Fieldwork2016-06-222017-08-22
235Discharge, sediment load and heat flux by the Yukon River, AlaskaFieldwork2007-06-012008-03-31
211Development of ice thickness algorithm for the Arctic OceanFieldwork2009-08-012010-09-30
14Data assimilation and prediciton of sea iceModel
23Current and Future Climate Experiments with an ice-ocean coupled modelModel
78Cultural adaptation and indigenous knowledge in eastern SiberiaFieldwork2012-09-012013-09-30
134Continuous observation of the atmospheric CO2, CH4, CO and O2 at Ny-ÅlesundFieldwork2012-12-012020-03-31
185Continuous monitoring of Energy, water vapor, and CO2 fluxes bu micrometeorological measurements at a burned black spruce forests in Poker Flat Research Range.Fieldwork2016-04-012019-03-31
183Continuous monitoring of Energy, water vapor, CO2 and CH4 fluxes by micrometeorological measurements at a black spruce forests in FairbanksFieldwork2016-04-012019-03-31
63Continuous measurement of the atmospheric oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations at Ny-ÅlesundFieldwork2012-11-012019-03-31
98Constructing of teaching materials of environment education related to local history in Siberia synthesizing cultural memories with scientific knowledgeFieldwork2016-09-102016-09-30
109Comparison of zooplankton with differences in net mesh-size, standing stock and material flux role of AppendiculariaFieldwork2016-08-292016-09-22
1Collecting rotten leaves under snow meltFieldwork2016-09-082016-09-14
205Climate - terrestrial biodiversity investigation in tundra vegetation along an Arctic longitudinal gradientFieldwork2018-09-082018-09-15
71Circumpolar Biome Ecological Research(CiBER)Fieldwork2012-07-012012-10-31
17CFES pacemaker hindcast experimentModel
34Black carbon monitoring at Point BarrowFieldwork2013-04-012020-03-31
35Black carbon monitoring at Ny-AlesundFieldwork2013-04-012020-03-31
172Black carbon and carbon monoxide observation at Poker Flat Research RangeFieldwork2016-05-012020-03-31
237Biodiversity of snow moldsFieldwork2007-06-012007-07-31
112Biodiversity of multiple texa and ecosystem propertiesFieldwork2016-07-082018-08-20
139Biodiversity in Arctic lakesFieldwork2016-07-062018-08-31
136BC simulation using a regional model during R/V Mirai cruise in 2016Model
217Auroral spectrographFieldwork2009-11-012010-03-31
93Auroral observations with ALIS (Auroral Large Imaging System)Fieldwork2013-03-012014-03-31
108Arctic wave modelingModel
209Arctic climate OceanographyFieldwork2009-08-012010-10-31
22Arctic Ocean high-resolution model nested with global OGCMModel
128Arctic Clouds, Aerosols and Radiation Experiment (ArcticCARE) - 2017Fieldwork2017-02-272017-03-31
227Application of UAVs to meteorological and sea-ice observations over the Arctic OceanFieldwork2008-07-012008-08-31
94Airglow and Auroral Observation in the Canadian ArcticFieldwork2007-10-012014-03-31
18AFES AMIP-type experimentModel
77A Cultural Anthropological Study of Hunting and Distribution of Bowhead Whales in Barrow, Alaska, USAFieldwork2007-07-242012-07-31