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Research/Observation Period:

5High-resolution sea ice-ocean modeling on the Arctic environmental changes (COCO + Arctic NEMURO)Model
13Role of Arctic cyclone for large sea ice reduction on August 2012Model
14Data assimilation and prediciton of sea iceModel
15Impact of sea ice distribution on the evolution of a polar lowModel
17CFES pacemaker hindcast experimentModel
18AFES AMIP-type experimentModel
19Hindcast simulation for Arctic impacts on the mid-latitude climateModel
22Arctic Ocean high-resolution model nested with global OGCMModel
23Current and Future Climate Experiments with an ice-ocean coupled modelModel
104Multi-ensemble distribution modeling of marine taxa in the Pacific ArcticModel
108Arctic wave modelingModel
119S2S museumModel
135Regional CTM simulation over mid latitude to arcticModel
333optimizaing CO2 and CH4 fluxes by the ecosystem model, VISIT, using observed flux dataModel
339Black carbon mixing state resolved global aerosol simulationsModel
341Estimation of GHG balance in the Arctic using land ecosystem modelModel
342Physical model for multiple scattered space- borne lidar returns from cloudsModel
343Modeling the depolarization of space-borne lidar signalsModel
344BC simulation using a regional model during R/V Mirai cruise in 2016Model
347Development of Arctic Ocean 3D lower marine ecosystem model (北極海3次元低次海洋生態系モデルの開発)Model
358InitMIP-Greenland experiments with the ice sheet model SICOPOLISModel
359Numerical study of oil spilled behavior under ice–covered areaModel
425Geothermal heat flux distribution for the Greenland ice sheet, derived by combining a global representation and information from deep ice coresModel
432CMIP6 modelsModel
1Collecting rotten leaves under snow meltFieldwork2016-09-082016-09-14
2Field observations on glaciers, ice caps and the ocean in Qaanaaq, northwestern GreenlandFieldwork2016-06-292019-08-10
3East GReenland Ice core Project (EGRIP)Fieldwork2018-06-072018-03-17
16Radiosonde observation in RV MIRAI cruiseFieldwork2018-10-242019-11-10
25Low frequency radio observationFieldwork2010-01-012020-01-01
26Seabird research at St Lawrence Island, AlaskaFieldwork2019-06-162018-08-28
27Solid precipitation measurementsFieldwork2012-01-012017-03-31
33Ground-based in situ measurement of cloud physics at Ny-AlesundFieldwork2017-04-012019-03-31
34Black carbon monitoring at Point BarrowFieldwork2016-04-012016-03-31
35Black carbon monitoring at Ny-AlesundFieldwork2016-04-012016-03-31
37Observations on crustal uplifting and gravity in southeastern AlaskaFieldwork2013-05-012013-06-30
39Geomagnetic field observationFieldwork2013-04-012014-03-31
41Seasonal changes in the settling particles by sediment trap experiment at the Northwind abyssal plainFieldwork2013-09-012013-09-30
44Observation of MF/HF auroral radio emissionsFieldwork2013-04-012012-03-31
45Observations on effects of arctic haze on ice cloud formationFieldwork2013-03-012013-06-30
50Millimeter-wave cloud radar observation in Ny-AlesundFieldwork2013-09-012013-12-31
56Study on plasma irregularity in the ionospheric cusp by sounding rocketFieldwork2013-11-012013-12-31
58Reindeer herding in Sakha RepublicFieldwork2012-11-012013-10-31
59R/V Mirai Arctic Ocean Cruise (MR16-06)Fieldwork2016-08-222016-10-05
60Observation on occurrence of lightning and forest fire in AlaskaFieldwork2012-05-012008-08-31
61Surface and subsurface hydrological-thermal states observations in AlaskaFieldwork2013-12-012013-02-28
62Spatio-temporally continuous temperature monitoring using optical fibers in the internal forest areas in AlaskaFieldwork2019-04-012018-03-31
63Greenhouse gas observations at Ny-Alesund, Svalbard (ArCS)Fieldwork2017-04-012019-03-31
64Shipboard measurements of green house gases in the Arctic SeaFieldwork2013-09-012012-10-31
65Ground-base based FTIR observation at PokerFlat,AlaskaFieldwork2012-01-012012-12-31
66Flask sampling for greenhouse gases over Siberia by commercial airlinerFieldwork2019-01-012018-12-11
67Ground-based remote sensing of aerosol and clouds at Ny-AlesundFieldwork2014-01-012009-12-31
68Greenhouse gas observations at Ny-Alesund, Svalbard (GRENE)Fieldwork2012-04-012012-03-31
69Ecological Changes of Wild Reindeer Populations and its influences to the northern Indigenous peoples in Eastern SiberiaFieldwork2011-08-012013-03-31
70Observation of tundra ecosystem in Ny-Aalesund,SvalbardFieldwork2012-06-012012-09-30
71Circumpolar Biome Ecological Research(CiBER)Fieldwork2012-07-012012-10-31
72Revegetation after large-scaled wildfire in AlaskaFieldwork2013-08-012012-08-31
73Observation of Land use among Alaska Natives and seasonal flooding in southwestern AlaskaFieldwork2013-03-012013-03-31
74Global Warming and the Human-Nature Dimension in Siberia : Social Adaptation to the Changes of the Terrestrial Ecosystem, with an Emphasis on Water EnvironmentsFieldwork2013-02-012013-03-31
75Observation on water and carbon cycles of Permafrost Ecosystem in Eastern SiberiaFieldwork2012-06-012011-09-30
76Latitude Effect on Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen Stable Isotope Ratios in Foliage and in Nitric-oxide Ions of AerosolsFieldwork2012-05-012012-05-31
77A Cultural Anthropological Study of Hunting and Distribution of Bowhead Whales in Barrow, Alaska, USAFieldwork2012-06-012007-08-12
78Cultural adaptation and indigenous knowledge in eastern SiberiaFieldwork2013-09-012012-09-30
79Glaciological observation in Suntar Khayata,east SiberiaFieldwork2012-07-012012-09-30
80Ice mass change of the Greenland ice sheetFieldwork2013-07-012012-07-31
81North Greenland Eemian Ice Drilling (NEEM)Fieldwork2011-07-012012-08-31
82Ice Climatology of the Okhotsk and Baltic Seas: Observations and Analysis of Variability in Cryosphere during the IPYFieldwork2011-04-012012-06-30
83Forest Fire Impacts to Hydrological Cycles, Permafrost and Eco Systems in Central AlaskaFieldwork2006-05-012006-03-31
84Measurement of snow physical parameters using a ground-based spectral radiometer in Ny-Aalesund, SvalbardFieldwork2013-04-012013-03-31
85RIHN/Seberia HydrometeorologyFieldwork2012-06-012012-10-31
86Observation of Northwest passageFieldwork2012-07-012013-08-01
87Mooring measurement of sea-ice thickness in the Chukchi Sea coastal polynyaFieldwork2013-08-012010-08-31
88Multi-tracer study on Arctic Ocean acidification and related biogeochemical processesFieldwork2011-07-012012-08-31
89Oceanographic surveys in the coastal region off Hokkaido, the Okhotsk Sea, during sea-ice season using the icebreaker "Garinko-II"Fieldwork2013-01-012014-03-31
90Observations of mesopause region at TromsoFieldwork2013-01-012012-12-31
91Observations of polar mesopause region at LongyearbyenFieldwork2013-01-012012-12-31
92Spectral observations of aurora and airglow at LongyearbyenFieldwork2013-10-012013-03-31
93Auroral observations with ALIS (Auroral Large Imaging System)Fieldwork2014-03-012013-03-31
94Airglow and Auroral Observation in the Canadian ArcticFieldwork2012-10-012006-03-31
95Iceland - Syowa Auroral Conjugate ObservationFieldwork2013-08-012007-10-31
97JOIS cruiseFieldwork2016-09-212016-10-18
98Constructing of teaching materials of environment education related to local history in Siberia synthesizing cultural memories with scientific knowledgeFieldwork2017-07-242016-09-30
99Monitoring of permafrost and active layer conditions after wildfireFieldwork2016-08-232016-09-09
100Research cruise of T/S Oshoro-maru in the northern Bering Sea, 2017Fieldwork2017-07-062017-08-05
102Research Cruise of R/V Mirai 2017 (Sea bird, zooplankton, optics)Fieldwork2017-08-262017-09-30
103R/V Sikuliaq (UAF) cruise in 2017Fieldwork2017-07-012017-07-31
106Sea-ice and oceanographic mooring operations of Barrow, AlaskaFieldwork2017-08-042017-08-11
107Wave buoy observationFieldwork2019-09-272018-12-07
109Comparison of zooplankton with differences in net mesh-size, standing stock and material flux role of AppendiculariaFieldwork2016-08-292016-09-22
110Ship-board observations of atmospheric greenhouse gases and related species in the Arctic ocean and the western North PacificFieldwork2017-08-232018-12-07
111Ecological Survey on Seasonal Migration and Habitat Use of Large Mammals in Sakha Republic.Fieldwork2017-03-172020-03-31
112Biodiversity of multiple texa and ecosystem propertiesFieldwork2016-07-082018-08-20
116GREENEDGE Ice camp 2016Fieldwork2016-05-242016-07-18
117Primary production and transportation of organic materials in the northern Bering and the southern Chukchi SeasFieldwork2016-08-222016-10-05
120monitoring of subsurface pH and pCO2, and sampling of calcareous planktonsFieldwork2013-09-012014-09-10
121How plankton responses to multi stressors such as ocean warming and acidification?Fieldwork2017-08-232017-10-01
122Social AnthropologyFieldwork2018-09-072017-09-23
123Ecological Survey on Seasonal Migration of Brent Goose between Siberia and Japan.Fieldwork2017-03-172020-03-31
124Ship-borne observations of trace gases/aerosols in the marine atmosphereFieldwork2019-09-272018-12-06
126Seasonal distribution of short-tailed shearwaters and their prey in the Bering and Chukchi seasFieldwork2016-08-262016-09-27
127Mooring observations in the Barrow Canyon and southern Chukchi SeaFieldwork2017-08-232017-10-31
128Arctic Clouds, Aerosols and Radiation Experiment (ArcticCARE) - 2017Fieldwork2017-02-272017-03-31
131Field observations on glacier fjord in northwestern GreenlandFieldwork2019-07-202017-07-30
132Sociological research activity in GreenlandFieldwork2018-06-282017-08-05
133Greenhouse gas observations at Ny-Alesund, SvalbardFieldwork2010-04-012010-03-31
138Ecological survey of Greenland sharksFieldwork2018-09-102017-09-20
139Biodiversity in Arctic lakesFieldwork2018-07-012017-08-09
142R/V Mirai Arctic Ocean Cruise (MR17-05C)Fieldwork2017-08-232017-10-02
156W-band Cloud Profiling Doppler Radar (FALCON-A) at in Ny-AlesundFieldwork2018-04-012020-03-31
172Black carbon and carbon monoxide observation at Poker Flat Research RangeFieldwork2016-05-012020-03-31
183Continuous monitoring of Energy, water vapor, CO2 and CH4 fluxes by micrometeorological measurements at a black spruce forests in FairbanksFieldwork2017-04-012019-03-31
185Continuous monitoring of Energy, water vapor, and CO2 fluxes bu micrometeorological measurements at a burned black spruce forests in Poker Flat Research Range.Fieldwork2017-04-012019-03-31
192SIGMA II(Snow Impurity and Glacial Microbe effects on abrupt warming in the Arctic)Fieldwork2017-05-222017-06-13
193Research cruise of T/S Oshoro-maru in the northern Bering Sea and Arctic Ocean, 2018Fieldwork2018-06-202018-07-15
194Research cruise of Russian research vessel in the Gulf of Anadyr, 2018Fieldwork2018-08-012018-08-20
197Observation of energy, water, CO2 flux at larch forest in eastern SiberiaFieldwork2019-04-012019-03-31
199Precipitation water sampling for isotope analysisFieldwork2017-09-012020-03-31
204Monitoring periglacial processesFieldwork2005-06-012005-08-31
205Climate - terrestrial biodiversity investigation in tundra vegetation along an Arctic longitudinal gradientFieldwork2018-09-082018-09-15
206Soil microbe diversity investigation in the Norwegian high ArcticFieldwork2018-07-202018-08-10
207Ecological study on polar bearsFieldwork2011-04-012011-04-30
208Muti-disciplinary observation study for the Arctic OceanFieldwork2010-09-012010-10-31
209Arctic climate OceanographyFieldwork2009-08-012010-10-31
210Response of ice algae community to lightFieldwork2011-03-012011-03-31
211Development of ice thickness algorithm for the Arctic OceanFieldwork2009-08-012010-09-30
212Snow cover in the northern Alaska and satellite observationFieldwork2009-08-012011-02-28
213Ecology of plankton in seasonally ice-covered sea along the coast of Hokkaido, JapanFieldwork2009-04-012010-03-31
214Phylogeographic characterization of prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms in the ArciticFieldwork2009-08-132009-08-17
215Study on the behavior of Greenland sharksFieldwork2009-06-012009-06-30
216Observation of soil organic decomposition by microorganisms in Ny-Alesund,SvalbardFieldwork2007-07-012009-07-31
217Auroral spectrographFieldwork2009-11-012009-03-31
220Research Cruise of R/V Mirai 2019 (Phytoplankton and Zooplankton)Fieldwork2019-09-272019-11-10
221Marine Ecosystem Responses to Global Climate Change in the Bering and Chukchi SeasFieldwork2007-07-012008-08-31
222Joint Western Arctic Climate Studies (1)Fieldwork2007-09-012005-09-30
223Joint Western Arctic Climate Studies (2)Fieldwork2007-07-012005-10-31
224The land-sea interactions: The Yukon River and Bering SeaFieldwork2008-06-012009-03-31
225Effects of plant pathogenic fungi on survival of natural vegetations in polar regionsFieldwork2008-08-012008-08-31
226Tower based CO2 flux observation in the arctic terrestrial ecosystems and the regional estimation by synthesis with satellite dataFieldwork2008-04-012009-03-31
227Application of UAVs to meteorological and sea-ice observations over the Arctic OceanFieldwork2008-07-012008-08-31
228Measurement of wind in the polar mesosphereFieldwork2007-04-012005-03-31
229Measurement of auroral emissionsFieldwork2007-10-012009-02-28
230Wind measurements in the MLT region at 75 degree northFieldwork2008-04-012009-03-31
231proton auroraFieldwork2008-10-012009-03-31
232Investigation of propagation characteristics of MF band radio waves in the ionosphere by SRP5 sounding rocketFieldwork2009-01-012009-01-31
233Observation of Boreal Forest Fires and Investigation on Burned AreaFieldwork2007-07-012007-07-31
234Impacts of wildfire on the hydrological environments in Interior AlaskaFieldwork2007-05-012007-09-30
235Discharge, sediment load and heat flux by the Yukon River, AlaskaFieldwork2006-06-012008-03-31
236Tower flux observation and the large scale evaluation of carbon budget in arctic terrestrial ecosystemsFieldwork2007-04-012008-03-31
237Biodiversity of snow moldsFieldwork2007-06-012007-07-31
238Observation of greenhouse gases in the Arctic areaFieldwork2000-04-012008-03-31
239Observation of atmospheric aerosol by Lidar and balloon-borne OPCFieldwork2008-01-012008-01-31
240GPS and gravity measurements in southeastern AlaskaFieldwork2007-06-012007-06-30
241Gravity measurement with a superconducting gravimeter at Ny-Alesund NorwayFieldwork2007-04-012008-03-31
242Observation of MF auroral radio emissionsFieldwork2009-04-012011-03-31
243Joint Western Arctic Climate Studies (3) Fieldwork2006-08-012006-09-30
244Study on the paleoceanography in high latitude of the North Pacific and the Arctic areaFieldwork2006-08-012006-09-29
245Ice Climatology in the Baltic SeaFieldwork2005-12-012007-04-30
246Investigation of moss and fungal flora in early successional stage of primary successionFieldwork2006-07-012006-08-31
247Studies on the air-snow interaction in the Tundra region of AlaskaFieldwork2005-04-012007-03-31
248Remote sensing of aerosol and clouds at Ny-AlesundFieldwork2005-01-012004-12-31
249Origin of Paleozoic meta-ophiolites and Mesozoic accretionary complexes in the circum-Pacific orogenic belt of the Koryak MountainsFieldwork2007-07-092006-07-31
250Cultural Anthropological Study of Inuit Society in CanadaFieldwork2006-02-012005-03-31
251Ice drifting buoy observation on coupling system of ocean-sea ice-atmosphere in the central Arctic OceanFieldwork2005-08-092005-08-09
252Bio-optical measurement for development of satellite ocean color remote sensing in the Bering SeaFieldwork2005-06-012005-09-30
253In situ observation and gravity coring of Lake Hovsgol, MongoliaFieldwork2005-07-302005-08-10
254Study on the forest dynamics in Siberian TaigaFieldwork2005-06-012005-09-30
255Observational Studies of Greenhouse gas budgets at arctic ecosystemsFieldwork2005-06-012005-09-30
256Investigation of moss and fungal diaspore in newly deglaciated areaFieldwork2005-07-012005-07-31
257Studies on the air-snow interaction in the Taiga region of FinlandFieldwork2004-04-012006-03-31
258Permafrost Research in the South Chuisky Range, Russia Altai MountainsFieldwork2005-08-102005-08-30
259Trace gas observation with FTIR at Poker Flat, AlaskaFieldwork2004-02-012005-10-31
260Broadband seismic observations at Baikal Rift ZoneFieldwork2004-04-012006-03-31
261Sampling and analysis of methane hydrate at Lake BaikalFieldwork2004-04-012005-10-31
262Sampling and analysis of methane hydrate in the Okhotsk SeaFieldwork2004-04-012005-06-30
263Imaging observations of airglows and aurorasFieldwork2005-09-012005-04-30
264Imaging Riometer Experiment at Poker Flat, AlaskaFieldwork2004-04-012006-03-31
265MF radar observation of horizontal wind and electron density in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere at Poker Flat, AlaskaFieldwork2004-04-012006-03-31
266Observation of neutral wind in the thermosphere observed at Poker Flat Research Range and Eagle Observatory, AlaskaFieldwork2004-10-012006-03-31
267Consecutive imaging of aurora and noctilucent cloudsFieldwork2005-04-012006-03-31
268Conjugate auroral observation in IcelandFieldwork2005-09-012004-09-30
269Measurements of net ecosystem production in the high arctic deglaciated areaFieldwork2005-07-012005-08-31
270Drifting buoy observation at the North Pole Environmental ObservatoryFieldwork2005-04-012004-05-31
271Aerosol observationsFieldwork2008-03-012008-04-30
272Mesospehre and lower-thermosphere observations over TromsoeFieldwork2009-01-012008-12-31
273Mesospehre and lower-thermosphere observations over SvalbardFieldwork2009-01-012008-12-31
274Circum-pan Pacific Magnetometer Network ObservationFieldwork2005-04-012013-03-31
276Investigation of moss and fungal fauna in newly deglaciated areaFieldwork2004-08-012004-08-31
277Investigation of ecosystem development on deglaciated area in Ellesmere Island, Canadian high arcticFieldwork2004-07-012004-07-31
278Regional estimation of primary production in the high arctic deglaciated areaFieldwork2004-07-012004-08-31
279Effects of climate warming on activity of the soil borne plant pathogens in the moss on SvalbardFieldwork2004-08-012004-08-31
280Deep seismic exploration at Magadan -Kolymsoe regionFieldwork2004-08-012004-09-30
281Rock Glacier Research in the Russian Altai mountains 2004Fieldwork2004-08-012004-08-31
282Land fast ice observation in the ArcticFieldwork2004-06-012004-06-30
283Glaciological Research at McCall Glacier, Alaska in 2004Fieldwork2004-05-012004-06-30
284Studies on the water vapor, precipitation,and meteorological disturbances around Norwegian Sea affected to the climate in the northern hemisphereFieldwork2004-01-012004-09-30
285Observation of clouds and precipitation in Ny-Aalesund, SvalbardFieldwork2004-04-012005-03-31
286Arctic Study of Tropospheric Aerosol, Cloud and Radiation (ASTAR 04)Fieldwork2004-05-012004-06-30
287Imaging Observations of Airglow and Aurora in the Canadian ArcticFieldwork2004-11-012005-03-31
288Project for Upgrading Russian AE Stations in cooperation with Space Weather Magnetometer Experiment (PURAES/SWME)Fieldwork2004-04-012005-03-31
289Observations of auroral particle precipitation by using the imaging riometerFieldwork2004-04-012005-03-31
290Observations of large-scale waves in the polar middle atmosphere and lower thermosphere by the EISCAT radar and collaborative radar and optical platformsFieldwork2004-04-012005-03-31
291ALIS (Auroral Large Imaging System) aurora/airglow conjunction observation with EISCAT radar and/or satellitesFieldwork2004-10-012005-03-31
293Observation of atmospheric dynamics in the polar mesosphere and lower thermosphere by the NSMR - NIPR - Nippon/Norway Svalbard Meteor RadarFieldwork2004-04-012005-03-31
294Observation of atmospheric dynamics in the polar mesosphere and lower thermosphere by the NTMR - NIPR - Nippon/Norway Tromso Meteor RadarFieldwork2004-04-012005-03-31
295Study of energetic electron precipitaions from the radiation belt based on the VLF/LF standard wave measurementFieldwork2012-04-012011-03-31
296Biodiversity study of marine macroalgaeFieldwork2009-04-012010-03-31
297Role of zooplankton in the carbon cycle of the Canadian Arctic shielfFieldwork2004-04-012005-03-31
298Observation of the seasonal variations of dissorved inorganic carbon in Barents SeaFieldwork2001-04-012000-10-31
299Ice climatology in the Baltic SeaFieldwork2000-01-012001-08-31
300 Arctic obserational cruise of R/V MIRAIFieldwork2000-08-012000-10-31
301Ecological research of phytopathogenic fungi in the ArcticFieldwork2000-07-012000-08-31
302Ecological study of cryptogamic plants influenced by environmental change, Spitsbergen, SvalbardFieldwork2000-07-012000-08-31
303Successional process on vegetation occurred in the deglacial area, Spitsbergen, SvalbardFieldwork2000-07-012000-08-31
304Photosynthetic characteristics of surface phytoplankton population in the northern North Pacific and the Arctic OceanFieldwork2000-08-022000-10-12
305The effects of temperature, nutrient and drought on leaf phenology and preformation in Arctic Polygonum viviparumFieldwork2000-07-152000-08-31
306Microbial sampling during Knipovich Ridge cruise, 2000Fieldwork2000-09-012000-09-30
307Diving physiology and foraging behaviour of Brunnichs GuillemotFieldwork2000-07-032000-07-13
308Forest structure and regeneration manner of coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forest in west coast, CanadaFieldwork2000-03-012000-08-31
309Vegetation of Tienshan mountain system and feasibility study on afforestation in the sorrounding arid zoneFieldwork2000-08-012000-08-31
310Vegetation distribution and dynamics in the Arctic and Subarctic regions of the Russian Far EastFieldwork2000-08-012000-08-31
311Studies on the vegetation and ecological characteristics of AlaskaFieldwork2000-08-012000-08-31
312Carbon cycle observation in Alaskan forestFieldwork2000-07-012000-09-30
313Forest fire impact in eastern Siberia to global warmingFieldwork2000-06-012000-10-31
314Superconducting gravimeter observationFieldwork2000-05-012000-05-31
315Knipovich Ridge cruiseFieldwork2000-09-012000-09-30
316Study of geomagnetic field and telluric carrents in KamchatkaFieldwork2000-04-012001-03-31
317Water-energy change observation of Yukon RiverFieldwork2000-05-012001-03-31
318Study for the features of the heat and water circulation processes in the southern mountain taiga region of east SiberiaFieldwork2000-07-012001-03-31
319Flux observation in and around the alas and observations of its hydrological regimeFieldwork2000-04-012000-09-30
320Ice core environment research at Sofiyskiy Glacier, Russian Altai MountainsFieldwork2000-07-152000-07-24
321Snow survey in the eastern SiberiaFieldwork2001-03-012001-03-31
322Sea ice observation at BarrowFieldwork2000-05-012001-03-31
323Observation on the changes in the glacier climateFieldwork2000-08-012000-09-30
324Glaciological observations on Mt. Logan, Yukon, CanadaFieldwork2000-07-012000-08-31
325North Greenland Icecore Project (NGRIP)Fieldwork2000-05-012000-08-31
326Circum Okhotsk crysphere studyFieldwork2000-07-012000-09-30
327Observational study on stratospheric minor constituents by FTIRFieldwork2001-01-012000-10-31
328Clouds, precipitation and aerosol observations at Ny-Alesund, SvalbardFieldwork2000-04-012001-03-31
329ASTAR 2000 (Arctic Study of Tropospheric Aerosol and Radiation)Fieldwork2000-03-152000-04-25
330Measurements of Arctic air pollution in the AlaskaFieldwork1999-08-012001-08-31
331Sea Spray observation in RV MIRAI cruiseFieldwork2019-09-272018-12-05
334CPS sonde observation in RV MIRAI cruiseFieldwork2019-09-272018-11-28
335Questionnaire survey on local perceptions of environmental changes in east SiberiaFieldwork2019-08-292018-08-28
336C-band Weather Radar observation in RV MIRAI cruiseFieldwork2019-09-272018-12-05
337CTD cast and water sampling in RV MIRAI cruiseFieldwork2018-10-292018-11-26
338XCTD observation in RV MIRAI cruiseFieldwork2018-11-062018-11-25
345Bottle Sampling Water Chemical Analysis in RV MIRAI cruiseFieldwork2019-09-272017-09-21
348Radiosonde observation at Ice Base Cape BaranovaFieldwork2019-01-012018-12-31
349Sea ice thickness observation on the coast of QaanaaqFieldwork2016-04-212019-03-19
350R/V Mirai Arctic Ocean Cruise (MR18-05C)Fieldwork2018-10-242018-12-06
351Seafloor topography data in northwestern GreenlandFieldwork2013-07-252016-09-23
352Investigation of landslides in GreenlandFieldwork2017-07-252018-07-26
353Black carbon monitoring at AlertFieldwork2018-01-112019-08-21
354Black carbon monitoring at BaranovaFieldwork2017-11-242019-10-01
355Black carbon and carbon monoxide observation at Spasskaya Pad stationFieldwork2018-03-132020-03-31
356Black carbon and inorganic aerosols in Arctic snowpack monitoringFieldwork2012-02-252016-05-26
357Research cruise of ARAON in Arctic Ocean, 2016Fieldwork2016-08-052016-08-19
360Black carbon data from SIGMA-D core drilled in GreenlandFieldwork2015-12-032019-08-31
361Seismic and infrasounds records at Bowdoin Glacier, GreenlandFieldwork2019-07-012017-07-11
362Hydro acoustic sound data from boats in Inglefield Bredning and Bowdoin fjords in GreenlandFieldwork2019-07-192019-07-28
363Ocean Bottom Seismometer Data in Bowdoin Glacier, GreenlandFieldwork2019-07-212019-08-06
364Mechanical properities of aritificial fine-grained iceFieldwork2016-09-012018-09-01
365Number and mass concentrations of black carbon aerosols obatained by aircraft measurements during the PAMARCMiP 2018 campaignFieldwork2018-03-232018-04-04
366Greenhouse gas observations at ChurchillFieldwork2007-04-292019-08-07
367CH4 flux observations in West SiberiaFieldwork2019-06-032018-10-12
368Observation of CH4 flux at larch forest in eastern SiberiaFieldwork2016-05-292016-06-12
369Phenological Eyes Network (PEN)Fieldwork2018-01-012017-12-31
370Meteorological observations in a sparse black spruce forest at Poker Flat Research Range (PFRR), interior AlaskaFieldwork2010-10-282020-12-31
371Continuous canopy and understory spectral reflectance measurements of a sparse black spruce forest at Poker Flat Research Range (PFRR), interior AlaskaFieldwork2015-03-212020-10-31
372Permafrost gas analysisFieldwork2018-08-012017-09-30
373Continuous measurement of pCO2(MR18-05C)Fieldwork2018-10-312018-12-03
374Underway surface water monitoring (MR18-05C)Fieldwork2018-10-262018-12-03
375Dissolved oxygen (MR18-05C)Fieldwork2018-10-282018-11-21
376Underway DIC (MR18-05C)Fieldwork2018-10-282018-12-02
377Arctic CO2 fluxFieldwork1997-01-012014-12-01
378Preliminary hydrographic data at Stations NBC, NHC, and NAP in the Pacific Arctic OceanFieldwork2015-09-192019-08-17
379Arctic Ocean Monthly Dynamic Ocean Topography derived from the measurements of satellite radar altimetersFieldwork2011-01-012018-12-31
380Stable isotope data on zooplankton collected during Healy 1601 cruiseFieldwork2016-07-132016-08-03
381Contaminants in the sediment in the Arctic SeaFieldwork2016-08-302016-09-20
382Exposure of the Arcitic Marine Surface Ecosystems to Environmental DisturbanceFieldwork2009-01-012018-12-31
383Spectral slope between 275-295 nm of the surface Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) in the Arctic ocean estimated from satellite remote sensing dataFieldwork2002-07-012018-12-31
384Long-term data of seaice and ocean color in the Arctic Ocean derived from polar orbiting satellites during 1998-2016Fieldwork1998-01-012016-12-31
385Meteorological observations in Ny-AlesundFieldwork2019-01-012018-12-31
386Russia’s regional economic researchFieldwork2016-04-012020-03-31
387Study of the possibility of the use and maintenance of the Northern Sea RouteFieldwork2016-04-012020-03-31
389Investigation of aerosols acting as ice nucleating particles in Ny-Alesund, SvalbardFieldwork2015-04-012020-03-31
390Forest inventory at larch forest in Spasskya Pad station, eastern SiberiaFieldwork2018-08-112018-08-15
391R/V Mirai Arctic Ocean Cruise (MR19-03C)Fieldwork2019-09-272019-11-07
392HPLC Phytoplankton pigment concentrationFieldwork2017-08-262016-09-22
393Multi-spectral excitation/emission fluorescence measurementFieldwork2017-08-272016-09-24
394Arctic storms and water circulation over the Norwegian SeaFieldwork1999-10-012000-06-30
395Formation mechanism of summer Arctic stratusFieldwork2000-08-032000-09-30
396Observational study on stratospheric minor constituents by millimeter-wave radiometer at Eureka, CanadaFieldwork2000-10-012001-03-31
397Observational study on stratospheric minor constituents by millimeter-wave radiometer at Poker Flat, AlaskaFieldwork2000-11-012001-03-31
398Observation of methane emission from West-Siberian LowlandFieldwork2000-03-012000-11-30
399Observation of atmospheric greenhouse gases over SiberiaFieldwork2000-07-012001-03-31
400Studies on Arctic PSCsFieldwork2000-12-012001-03-31
401Observation of Arctic Ocean by R/V "MIRAI"Fieldwork2000-08-032000-10-13
402Solid precipitation measurement at stormy zone in high-ArcticFieldwork2000-10-012000-10-31
403A study on the atmospheric halocarbons at Alert in the ArcticFieldwork2000-04-012001-03-31
404Studies on the air-snow interaction in the taiga region of FinlandFieldwork2000-04-012001-03-31
405Studies on the air-snow interaction in the tundra region of AlaskaFieldwork2000-04-012001-03-31
406Multi-wave length imaging observations from Poker Flat Research Range, AlaskaFieldwork2000-09-012001-04-30
407Studies on the magnetospheric substorms and ULF waves by means of the CPMN observationsFieldwork2000-04-012003-03-31
408EISCAT radar studies of polar upper atmospheric environmentFieldwork2000-04-012001-03-31
409ALIS (Auroral Large Imaging System) aurora / airglow observationFieldwork2000-09-012001-04-30
410A conjunctive observation of polar cap aurora in Longyearbyen with EISCAT radar, satellites and groundbased opticsFieldwork2001-03-012001-03-31
411Observations of large-scale waves in the polar middle atmosphere and lower thermosphere by the EISCAT radar and collaborative radar and optical platformsFieldwork2000-07-012000-07-31
412Auroral spectrographFieldwork2000-09-012001-03-31
413Polar magnetometerFieldwork2000-04-012001-03-31
414Observation of ozone profiles in the upper stratosphere using a UV sensor on board a light-weight high-altitude balloonFieldwork2000-04-012001-03-31
415Observations of auroral particle precipitations by using Imaging RiometerFieldwork2000-04-012001-03-31
416Real-time monitor of geomagnetic field variations at near northern geomagnetic pole regionFieldwork2000-04-012001-03-31
417MF radar observation of horizontal winds and electron density in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere at Poker Flat, AlaskaFieldwork2000-01-012000-12-31
418Observations of thermospheric neutral winds from Poker Flat Research Range and Eagle observatory, AlaskaFieldwork2000-09-012001-04-30
419Imaging riometer observation of cosmic noise absorption at Poker Flat, AlaskaFieldwork2000-09-012000-12-31
420Geomagnetic conjugate observation of optical auroras between Iceland and Syowa StationFieldwork2000-09-012000-10-31
421Polar magnetometer networkFieldwork2000-04-012001-03-31
422Measurements of the wind system and temperature around the cusp regionFieldwork2000-06-012000-09-30
423Comparison between polar aurora activity and optical phenomena at Brazilian geomagnetic anomaly regionFieldwork2001-02-152001-03-02
424Rocket experiment in Ny-Alesund, SvalbardFieldwork2000-11-252000-12-10
426Observation of active-layer thickness at larch forest in eastern SiberiaFieldwork2015-06-202019-09-20
427Black carbon mass concentration derived for Alaskan glacier, April 2017Fieldwork2017-04-072017-04-20
428Ecological study of zooplankton in the ArcticFieldwork2001-04-012002-03-31
429DMS measurement in ocean bottom sediment in Arctic coastal areasFieldwork2001-06-012002-03-31
430North Pole Environmental ObservatoryFieldwork2001-04-012001-04-30
431R/V Mirai Arctic Ocean Cruise (MR20-05C)Fieldwork2020-09-192020-11-02