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ID-71 :   Circumpolar Biome Ecological Research(CiBER)



Research/Observation Title

Circumpolar Biome Ecological Research(CiBER)

Science Summary (common)

[purpose] Forest reconstruction and carbon storage [outline] We made ecological research concerning carbon dynamics processes and took disk samples for stand structure reconstruction in each site.
- Individual Project Information 1/1 Research/Observation Period 2012-07-01 〜 2012-10-31




RollContact PersonNameYojiro MatsuuraAffiliationForestry and Forest Products Research
RollContact PersonNameK. TanakaAffiliationFFPRI
RollContact PersonNameT. MorishitaAffiliationFFPRI
RollContact PersonNameK. NoguchiAffiliationFFPRI
RollContact PersonNameJ. ToriyamaAffiliationFFPRI
RollContact PersonNameT. KajimotoAffiliationFFPRI
RollContact PersonNameA. OdaAffiliationJSPS-FFPRI
RollContact PersonNameK. FujiiAffiliationJSPS-FFPRI
RollContact PersonNameA. OsawaAffiliationKyoto Univ.
RollContact PersonNameM. DannouraAffiliationKyoto Univ.
RollContact PersonNameY. HiranoAffiliationNagoya Univ.

Research/Observation Methods

Ecological survey

Research/Observation Period

2012-07-01 〜 2012-10-31

Research/Observation Point (Detail)

Field Site: Fairbanks Latitude [degree]: 64.837776 Longitude [degree]: -147.716386
Field Site: Inuvik Latitude [degree]: 68.349859 Longitude [degree]: -133.721809
Field Site: Tura Latitude [degree]: 64.033744 Longitude [degree]: 100.008545
Field Site: Fort Smith Latitude [degree]: 60.239811 Longitude [degree]: -113.027344
Field Site: Kalina Latitude [degree]: 54.914514 Longitude [degree]: 24.114990
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02:40 on Tue July 26, 2016
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