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ID-413 :   Polar magnetometer



Research/Observation Title

Polar magnetometer

Science Summary (common)

Continuous acquisition of wide band magnetic field variations from the polar magnetometer network. On site checking and maintenances were made for instruments at Whitehorse, Fort Nelson, Fort St John, La Ronge, Lucky Lake, Mankota, The Pas, Hornepayne, Schefferville, St John's, Goose Bay: Sites of Emma Lake and Sioux Lookout were closed.

Planning Period

Planning Start Year 2000 〜 Planning End Year 2003

Principal Investigator

Kiyofumi YUMOTO
Kyushu University
- Individual Project Information 1/1 Research/Observation Period 2000-04-01 〜 2001-03-31

Funding Information Other Funding Details

Study of transportation, coupling and conversion of energy from the Solar wind into the geosphere


Space Physics


RollContact PersonNameKanji HAYASHIAffiliationDepartment of Earth and Planetary Science, The University of
RollCo-researcherNameD. J. MCEWENAffiliationUniv. Sask.CountryCanada
RollCo-researcherNameB. NARODAffiliationUBCCountryCanada
RollCo-researcherNameR. E. HORITAAffiliationUniv. Vic.CountryCanada
RollCo-researcherNameP. E. SANDHOLTAffiliationUniv. OsloCountryNorway
RollCo-researcherNameJ. V. OLSONIAffiliationUniv. AlaskaCountryUSA
RollCo-researcherNameA. POTAPOVAffiliationIrkutsk-ISTPCountryRussia

Research/Observation Methods

Fluxgate magnetometers and Induction magnetometers

Research/Observation Period

2000-04-01 〜 2001-03-31

Research/Observation Point (Detail)

Field Site: Eureka (Canada) Latitude [degree]: 79.988914 Longitude [degree]: -85.940727
Field Site: Resolute Bay (Canada) Latitude [degree]: 74.696120 Longitude [degree]: -94.828830
Field Site: Iqaluit (Canada) Latitude [degree]: 63.746567 Longitude [degree]: -68.516996
Field Site: Cambridge Bay (Canada) Latitude [degree]: 69.116817 Longitude [degree]: -105.059685
Field Site: Baker Lake (Canada) Latitude [degree]: 64.318014 Longitude [degree]: -96.022401
Field Site: Whitehorse (Canada) Latitude [degree]: 60.721139 Longitude [degree]: -135.057428
Field Site: Fort Nelson (Canada) Latitude [degree]: 58.804929 Longitude [degree]: -122.697637
Field Site: Fort St. John (Canada) Latitude [degree]: 56.252177 Longitude [degree]: -120.847145
Field Site: La Ronge (Canada) Latitude [degree]: 55.108303 Longitude [degree]: -105.285986
Field Site: Lucky Lake (Canada) Latitude [degree]: 50.983296 Longitude [degree]: -107.134832
Field Site: Mankota (Canada) Latitude [degree]: 49.419107 Longitude [degree]: -107.074942
Field Site: The Pas (Canada) Latitude [degree]: 53.825273 Longitude [degree]: -101.247911
Field Site: Swan River (Canada) Latitude [degree]: 52.106444 Longitude [degree]: -101.270619
Field Site: Hornepayne (Canada) Latitude [degree]: 49.212891 Longitude [degree]: -84.771444
Field Site: Kuujjuaq (Canada) Latitude [degree]: 58.102813 Longitude [degree]: -68.418688
Field Site: Schefferville (Canada) Latitude [degree]: 54.812197 Longitude [degree]: -66.813762
Field Site: Goose Bay (Canada) Latitude [degree]: 53.301732 Longitude [degree]: -60.326384
Field Site: St. John's (Canada) Latitude [degree]: 47.563826 Longitude [degree]: -52.733653
Field Site: Narsarsuaq (Greenland) Latitude [degree]: 61.156793 Longitude [degree]: -45.425593
Field Site: Ny-Alesund (Svalbard) Latitude [degree]: 78.929516 Longitude [degree]: 11.865818
Field Site: Barrow (Alaska) Latitude [degree]: 71.290488 Longitude [degree]: -156.788898
Field Site: Gakona (Alaska) Latitude [degree]: 62.289877 Longitude [degree]: -145.352520
Field Site: Borok (Russia) Latitude [degree]: 58.063038 Longitude [degree]: 38.239719
Field Site: Mondy (Russia) Latitude [degree]: 51.675634 Longitude [degree]: 100.995818
Field Site: Uzur (Russia) Latitude [degree]: 53.323376 Longitude [degree]: 107.744454
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