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ID-407 :   Studies on the magnetospheric substorms and ULF waves by means of the CPMN observations



Research/Observation Title

Studies on the magnetospheric substorms and ULF waves by means of the CPMN observations

Science Summary (common)

High-resolution magnetic field data from coordinated ground-based network slations made it possible to (1) study magnetospheric processes by distinguishing between temporal changes and spatial variations in the phenomena, (2) clarify global structures and propagation characteristics of magnetospheric variations from higher to equatorial latitudes, and (3) understand the global generation mechanisms of the solar-terrestrial phenomena (Yumoto et al., 1996). From 1996, the Space and Earth Electoromagnetism Laboratory (SEEL), Kyushu University (PI; K: Yumoto), is conducting the Circum-pan Pacific Magnetometer Network (CPMN) observations at 54 stations along the 210 deg, magnetic meridian (MN) and along the geomagnetic equator, in cooperation with and/or courtesy of more than 30 institutes and organizations, in the world.

Planning Period

Planning Start Year 2000 〜 Planning End Year 2002

Principal Investigator

Kiyofumi YUMOTO
Kyushu University, Dept. of Earth & Planetary
- Individual Project Information 1/1 Research/Observation Period 2000-04-01 〜 2003-03-31

Funding Information Other Funding Details

Study on Solar wind energy transfer into magneto-ionos-atmosphere


Space Physics


RollContact PersonNameKiyofumi YUMOTOAffiliationKyushu University, Dept. of Earth &
RollContact PersonNameH. KAWANOAffiliationKyushu Univ.
RollContact PersonNameA. YOSHIKAWAAffiliationKyushu Univ.
RollContact PersonNameK. HAYASHIAffiliationUniv. of Tokyo
RollContact PersonNameH. UTADAAffiliationUniv. of Tokyo
RollContact PersonNameK. SHIOKAWAAffiliationNagoya Univ.
RollContact PersonNameM. NISHINOAffiliationNagoya Univ.
RollContact PersonNameM. SETOAffiliationTohoku Inst. Tech.
RollContact PersonNameY. KITAMURAAffiliationTohoku Inst. Tech.
RollContact PersonNameK. NOZAKIAffiliationCRL
RollContact PersonNameT. KIKUCHIAffiliationCRL
RollCo-researcherNameE. F. VERSHININAffiliationIKIR InstituteCountryRussia
RollCo-researcherNameS. SOLOVYEVAffiliationIKFIA InstituteCountryRussia
RollCo-researcherNameV. M. NIKIFOROVAffiliationPOI InstituteCountryRussia
RollCo-researcherNameJ. V. OLSONAffiliationUniv. of AlaskaCountryUSA

Research/Observation Methods

Ground-based observation at the observatories.

Research/Observation Period

2000-04-01 〜 2003-03-31

Research/Observation Point (Detail)

Field Site: Kotel'nyy (Siberia) Latitude [degree]: 75.495034 Longitude [degree]: 138.877770
Field Site: Tixie (Siberia) Latitude [degree]: 71.600000 Longitude [degree]: 129.000000
Field Site: Chokurdarkh (Siberia) Latitude [degree]: 70.618967 Longitude [degree]: 147.897297
Field Site: Zyryanka (Siberia) Latitude [degree]: 65.767446 Longitude [degree]: 150.841238
Field Site: Magadan (Siberia) Latitude [degree]: 59.943352 Longitude [degree]: 151.114949
Field Site: Paratunka (Siberia) Latitude [degree]: 52.947702 Longitude [degree]: 158.273117
Field Site: Popov Island (Siberia) Latitude [degree]: 42.965680 Longitude [degree]: 131.730192
Field Site: College (Alaska) Latitude [degree]: 64.856769 Longitude [degree]: -147.802886
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