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ID-39 :   Geomagnetic field observation



Research/Observation Title

Geomagnetic field observation

Science Summary (common)

[purpose] To measure geomagnetic field disturbances caused by aurora [outline] Continuous operation of fluxgate magnetometer
- Individual Project Information 1/1 Research/Observation Period 2013-04-01 〜 2014-03-31

Funding Information Other Funding Details

Russian Auoral and Polar Ionospheric Disturbance Magnetometers (RapidMag)


Geological Sciences


RollContact PersonNameMasahito NoseAffiliationWorld Data Center for

Research/Observation Methods

Fluxgate magnetometer

Research/Observation Period

2013-04-01 〜 2014-03-31

Research/Observation Point (Detail)

Field Site: Tiksi Latitude [degree]: 71.589967 Longitude [degree]: 128.786373
Field Site: Dikson Latitude [degree]: 73.514376 Longitude [degree]: 80.383873
Field Site: Cape Chelyskin Latitude [degree]: 77.722710 Longitude [degree]: 104.254718
Field Site: Pebek Latitude [degree]: 69.700724 Longitude [degree]: 170.279160

Research/Observation Area

N: 77.952500, S: 67.676111, W: 80.156389 E: 172.793056,
Data Registration
05:28 on Wed July 20, 2016
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02:54 on Thu September 6, 2018