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Medium-term sea ice forecast for Arctic regions

Model Characteristics

ice-ocean coupled model (icePOM) is run at a resolution os 2.5km in the horizontal and 33 z-sigma layers in the verical. Model initial ice conditions are based on AMSR2 sea ice concentration. The atmospheric forcing is given by ECMWF atmospheric forecast data with 0.1 degree spatial resolution derived from Set I - Atmospheric Model high-resolution 10-day forecast (HRES).

Computing Environment

Yamaguchi lab server at the University of Tokyo is used with MPI paralalization

Principal Investigator

Hajime Yamaguchi
The University of Tokyo

Data Information

Model Name
Abstract (Brief description of the experiment contents (initial conditions, boundary conditions, etc.))
This is a medium-range (10 days) sea ice prediction dataset produced by IcePOM model for support the Japanese research vessel MIRAI's expedition cruise in 2018. In this study, a high-resolution (about 2.5 km) ice-ocean coupled model is developed for forecasting the medium range sea ice distribution in the Chukchi Sea. European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecast atmospheric high-resolution 10-days forecasted forcing data is used for the sea ice prediction simulations. A high-resolution 10 days forecasting computations are initialized using AMSR2 derived sea ice concentration and thickness.
Temporal Extent
Begin Date2018-11-01
End Date2018-11-25
Temporal Characteristicsdaily
Geographic Bounding Box
North bound latitude80.0
West bound longitude170.0
Eastbound longitude230.0
South bound latitude60.0
Dimension NameDimension Size (slice number of the dimension)Resolution Unit
vertical33z-sigma layers
Data Information
Article (the article written using this data)
De Silva L.W.A., Terui T., Yamaguchi H., & Inoue J. Medium range sea ice prediction for support the Japanese research vessel MIRAI's expedition cruise in 2018., Journal of Polar Geography. (under review)


RollContact PersonNameWaruna De SilvaAffiliationThe University of
RollContact PersonNameHajime YamaguchiAffiliationThe University of
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02:31 on Wed May 29, 2019
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