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ID-325 :   North Greenland Icecore Project (NGRIP)



Research/Observation Title

North Greenland Icecore Project (NGRIP)

Science Summary (common)

[purpose] To extract paleo-climate information from the NGRIP deep ice core, Greenland by conducting deep ice core drilling and analyses [operation] Conducted a deep core drilling from a depth of 1951 m to a depth of 2931m, and a core processing below a depth of 1300 m. All ice samples were transported to Copenhagen by air. Japanese participation has been arranged under a leadership of Dr. O. Watanabe, NIPR since 1995.

Planning Period

Planning Start Year 1995 〜 Planning End Year 2000

Principal Investigator

National Institute of Polar Research
- Individual Project Information 1/1 Research/Observation Period 2000-05-01 〜 2000-08-31

Funding Information Other Funding Details

Circum-Polar study on environmental record by ice core analyses in northern hemisphere




RollContact PersonNameHitoshi SHOJIAffiliationKitami Institute of
RollContact PersonNameN. AZUMAAffiliationNagaoka Univ. Tech.
RollContact PersonNameH. NARITAAffiliationInstitute of Low Temperature Science
RollContact PersonNameK. GOTO-AZUMAAffiliationNational Institute of Polar Research
RollContact PersonNameY. FUJIIAffiliationNational Institute of Polar Research
RollContact PersonNameM. TAKATAAffiliationNational Institute of Polar Research
RollContact PersonNameM. KOHNOAffiliationNational Institute of Polar Research
RollContact PersonNameA. TAKAHASHIAffiliationGeo Tecs Co.
RollContact PersonNameS. AOKIAffiliationTohoku Univ.

Research/Observation Methods

NGRIP Camp, C-130 Skier Air Support, KISS at Kangerlussuaq

Research/Observation Period

2000-05-01 〜 2000-08-31

Research/Observation Point (Detail)

Field Site: North GRIP Camp, Greenland Latitude [degree]: 75.000000 Longitude [degree]: -42.000000
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05:58 on Fri April 26, 2019
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05:58 on Fri April 26, 2019