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ID-319 :   Flux observation in and around the alas and observations of its hydrological regime



Research/Observation Title

Flux observation in and around the alas and observations of its hydrological regime

Science Summary (common)

(1) To clarify the one-demensional energy, water and gas fluxes over a complex land surface containing alas grassland and forest. (2) To learn how the water balance components affect the seasonal and inter-annual variation in alas water levels.

Planning Period

Planning Start Year 1999 〜 Planning End Year 2001

Principal Investigator

Tetsuo OHATA
Institute of Low Temperature Science, Hokkaido University
- Individual Project Information 1/1 Research/Observation Period 2000-04-01 〜 2000-09-30

Funding Information Other Funding Details

Energy and Water Cycle in Siberian Cryosphere


Glaciology, Hydrology, Meteorology and Climate


RollContact PersonNameYoshiyuki ISHIIAffiliationInstitute of Low. Temperature Science, Hokkaido
RollContact PersonNameH. YABUKIAffiliationFORSGC
RollContact PersonNameH. TANAKAAffiliationKyoto Univ.
RollContact PersonNameM. TODAAffiliationKyoto Univ.
RollContact PersonNameM. YANOAffiliationKyoto Univ.
RollContact PersonNameM. NOMURAAffiliationHokkaido Univ.
RollContact PersonNameN. KOBAYASHIAffiliationNagoya Univ.
RollContact PersonNameH. TANAKAAffiliationTsukuba Univ.
RollContact PersonNameM. MIZOGUCHIAffiliationTokyo Univ.
RollContact PersonNameH. KIYOSAWAAffiliationMie Univ.
RollContact PersonNameN. KONDOAffiliationTokyo Univ.

Research/Observation Methods

Field station, Forest tower (24m), Grassland Mast (3m, 3sites)

Research/Observation Period

2000-04-01 〜 2000-09-30

Research/Observation Point (Detail)

Field Site: Ulakhan Sykkhan Alas (eastern Yakutsk) Latitude [degree]: 62.017470 Longitude [degree]: 129.862783
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07:06 on Tue April 23, 2019
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07:06 on Tue April 23, 2019