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ID-286 :   Arctic Study of Tropospheric Aerosol, Cloud and Radiation (ASTAR 04)



Research/Observation Title

Arctic Study of Tropospheric Aerosol, Cloud and Radiation (ASTAR 04)

Research/Observation Purpose

Behavior,radiative effect,cloud interaction and climatic impact of tropospheric aerosols (Arctic haze) in the Arctic troposphere

Science Summary (common)

Airborne measurements of tropospheric aerosols and clouds and coordinated ground-based measurements are made.
- Individual Project Information 1/1 Research/Observation Period 2004-05-01 〜 2004-06-30


Atmospheric Science


RollContact PersonNameTakashi YAMANOUCHIAffiliationNational Institute of Polar Research
RollContact PersonNameM. WadaAffiliationNIPR
RollContact PersonNameM. ShiobaraAffiliationNIPR
RollContact PersonNameK. HaraAffiliationNIPR
RollContact PersonNameM. YabukiAffiliationNIPR
RollContact PersonNameS. YamagataAffiliationHokkaido Univ.
RollContact PersonNameD. KobayashiAffiliationHokkaido Univ.
RollContact PersonNameA. MatsukiAffiliationNagoya Univ.
RollContact PersonNameD. TrochkineAffiliationNagoya Univ.
RollContact PersonNameH. KonishiAffiliationOsaka Kyoiku Univ.
RollContact PersonNameA. HerberAffiliationnone

Research/Observation Methods

Airborne and ground-based observation

Research/Observation Period

2004-05-01 〜 2004-06-30

Research/Observation Point (Detail)

Field Site: Svalbard

Research/Observation Area

N: 81.000000, S: 74.000000, W: 10.000000 E: 35.000000,
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01:39 on Thu February 28, 2019
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01:39 on Thu February 28, 2019