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ID-283 :   Glaciological Research at McCall Glacier, Alaska in 2004



Research/Observation Title

Glaciological Research at McCall Glacier, Alaska in 2004

Research/Observation Purpose

1) Reconstruction of climate and environment in the past using an ice core, 2) Investigation of biological activities on MaCall glacier, 3) Measurement of surface albedo and analysis of surface dust on the icefield, and 4) Meteorological and glaciological features

Science Summary (common)

1) Ice flow and mass balance measurements, 2) ice coring, 3) AWS, 4) Radio echo sounding and 5) snow and ice sampling.
- Individual Project Information 1/1 Research/Observation Period 2004-05-01 〜 2004-06-30




RollContact PersonNameShuhei TAKAHASHIAffiliationKitami Institute of Technology
RollContact PersonNameK. SatohAffiliationNagaoka National College of Technology
RollContact PersonNameJun UetakeAffiliationTIT
RollContact PersonNameK. SatohAffiliationKIT
RollContact PersonNameA. TakahashiAffiliationGeo Tecs Co., Lid.
RollContact PersonNameT. YamasakiAffiliationNIPR
RollContact PersonNameMatt NolanAffiliationUAF

Research/Observation Methods

Field camp, Helicopter

Research/Observation Period

2004-05-01 〜 2004-06-30

Research/Observation Point (Detail)

Field Site: McCall Glaciar (Alaska) Latitude [degree]: 69.283333 Longitude [degree]: -143.816667
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