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ID-14 :   Data assimilation and prediciton of sea ice




Data assimilation and prediciton of sea ice


Investigaing preditability of sea ice and climate variations in the pan arctic region by using climate models initialized with atmospheric and oceanic observational data including sea ice.

Model Characteristics

High resolution and good reproducibility of past climate variations

Computing Environment

Earth Simulator

Principal Investigator

Hiroyasu Hasumi
Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo

Data Information

Model Name
Abstract (Brief description of the experiment contents (initial conditions, boundary conditions, etc.))
(1) This is one of CMIP6 participating climate model. The model exparienced long-term past and future climate simulations under the various CMIP6 protocols. In addition decadal climate predicion experiments were also conducted with the model initialized by using oceanic obsevations. (2) With this model, sea ice data asimilation by EnKF is now conducted to understand the role of sea ice in the climate systems over this planet..
Temporal Extent
Begin Date1951-01-01
End Date2011-12-31
Temporal Characteristics3/6 hourly, daily and monthly
Geographic Bounding Box
North bound latitude90.0
West bound longitude0.0
Eastbound longitude360.0
South bound latitude-90.0
Dimension NameDimension Size (slice number of the dimension)Resolution Unit
row6400.5625 (deg)
column320TL319 gaussian grid (deg)
Data Information
Article (the article written using this data)
Seiji YUKIMOTO, Hideaki KAWAI, Tsuyoshi KOSHIRO, Naga OSHIMA, Kohei YOSHIDA, Shogo URAKAWA, Hiroyuki TSUJINO, Makoto DEUSHI, Taichu TANAKA, Masahiro HOSAKA, Shokichi YABU, Hiromasa YOSHIMURA, Eiki SHINDO, Ryo MIZUTA, Atsushi OBATA, Yukimasa ADACHI, Masayoshi ISHII, The Meteorological Research Institute Earth System Model Version 2.0, MRI-ESM2.0: Description and Basic Evaluation of the Physical Component, Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II, Vol.97, No.5, 931-965, 2019,


RollContact PersonNameMASAYOSHI ISHIIAffiliationMeteorological Research
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11:29 on Fri July 1, 2016
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13:30 on Mon February 17, 2020