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ID-13 :   NICAM-COCO coupling model




NICAM-COCO coupling model


We will simulate the Arctic Cyclone generated in arctic region at Aug. 2007 using the NICAM and COCO coupling model. This cyclone is thought as one of a factor to reduce the ice in year of 2007. Our purpose is to estimate the influence of the Arctic Cyclone for the ice reduction.

Model Characteristics

Atmospheric model (NICAM) coupled in our model uses the non-hydrostatic equation (does not use the cumulus param.) with high-horizontal resolution, which can simulate the arctic clouds with explicitly.

Computing Environment

FX10 (University of Tokyo)

Data Information

Data Information

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RollContact PersonNameHiroyasu KubokawaAffiliationDivision of Climate System
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12:03 on Thu June 30, 2016
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