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ID-118 :   ALERA2






AFES–LETKF experimental ensemble reanalysis 2 produced on the Earth Simulator.

Model Characteristics

AFES (AGCM for the Earth Simulator) is run at a resolution of T119L48 (about 100 km in the horizontal and 48 layers in the vertical). The PREPBUFR complied by the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) and archived at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) is used for the observational data and assimilated using the LETKF (local ensemble transform Kalman filter).

Funding Information Other Funding Details

ArCS Theme 1 : Predictability study on weather and sea-ice forecasts linked with user engagement

Data Information

Data is distributed through GrADS Data Server. Use DODS-enabled applications, such as GrADS or NCL for visualization and NCO (ncks) to slice and download data. Meta data is displayed when accessed with a web browser.


RollContact PersonNameKazutoshi SatoAffiliationNational Institute of Polar
RollContact PersonNameJun InoueAffiliationNational Institute of Polar
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08:41 on Thu January 5, 2017
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14:45 on Thu July 12, 2018