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ID-116 :   GREENEDGE Ice camp 2016



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GREENEDGE Ice camp 2016

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The ArCS Theme 6 has conducted an international collaboration with the GREENEDGE project. One scientist from Hokkaido University joined the ice camp. During the ice camp, we collected zooplankton (mainly copepods) samples by net towings under a first year ice. Those samples were used to measure grazing and fecal pellet production rates under a first year ice.
- Individual Project Information 1/1 Research/Observation Period 2016-05-24 〜 2016-07-18

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ArCS Theme 6 : Response and biodiversity status of the Arctic ecosystems under environmental change

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Project Name: GREENEDGE




RollContact PersonNameMakoto SampeiAffiliationHokkaido

Research/Observation Methods

The grazing rate is estimated with based on pigment contents in the gut of copepods.The fecal pellet production rate is estimated with data from microscopic observations on fecal pellets and copepods.

Research/Observation Period

2016-05-24 〜 2016-07-18

Research/Observation Point (Detail)

Field Site: Ice camp 2016 Latitude [degree]: 67.500000 Longitude [degree]: -63.800000

Research/Observation Area

N: 67.500000, S: 67.500000, W: -63.800000 E: -63.800000,

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01:01 on Wed January 4, 2017
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