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Arctic wave modeling


Ocean wave modeling of the Arctic Ocean.

Model Characteristics

A polarstereo projected curvillinear grid model using NOAA WAVEWATCH III version 4.18 (TM).

Computing Environment

Kashiwa Oakforest (formerly Oakleaf) supercomputer is used with MPI parallelization

Principal Investigator

Jun Inoue
National Institute of Polar Research

Funding Information Other Funding Details

ArCS Theme 1 : Predictability study on weather and sea-ice forecasts linked with user engagement

Data Information

Model Name
Abstract (Brief description of the experiment contents (initial conditions, boundary conditions, etc.))
1). A 16 km spatial resolution wave model of the Arctic Ocean was developed to investigate the predictability of surface ocean waves in ice free waters. The model has two forcing: surface wind and sea ice concentration, for which we use the NCEP CFSvs2 hourly and daily products, respectively. In ice-covered waters, the model utilises primitive fractional blocking of wave energy according to the ice concentration. 2). The TodaiWW3-ArCS was validated with a driting wave buoy for 2 months during September and October, 2016 in the Beaufort Sea. It achieved good agreement, however, a model underestimation bias was apparent for a storm in October. Analysis led us to a conjecture that the reduced number of surface level pressure observations, in October compared September, that are assimilated in numerical weather prediction models caused increased uncertainty in surface wind forcing, which led to increased uncertainty in the modelled wave estimates.
Temporal Extent
Begin Date2016-09-01
End Date2016-11-30
Temporal CharacteristicsOne hourly
Geographic Bounding Box
North bound latitude2904.0
West bound longitude2904.0
Eastbound longitude-2904.0
South bound latitude-2904.0
Dimension NameDimension Size (slice number of the dimension)Resolution Unit
row36316 km
column36316 km
Data Information
Article (the article written using this data)
Nose et al. 2018 Ocean Dyn; DOI 10.1007/s10236-018-1194-0


RollContact PersonNameTakuji WasedaAffiliationThe University of
RollContact PersonNameTsubasa KodairaAffiliationThe University of
RollContact PersonNameTakehiko NoseAffiliationThe University of
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17:19 on Mon December 26, 2016
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04:51 on Mon June 3, 2019