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ID-1 :   Collecting rotten leaves under snow melt



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Collecting rotten leaves under snow melt

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Snow molds are cold adapted fungal pathogens of forage crops, winter cereals, and conifer seedlings. These fungi can grow and attack dormant plants at low temperatures under snow cover. These fungi caused disease to native and introduced overwintering grasses and mosses in the Arctic. In the present, these fungi are less effects on human community, however when the Arctic environment will be warmed by global change, fungal activity will be increased. Similar case has been occurred in Northern Japan. Therefore I recommend the residents to know the present situation of fungal flora in your area. I guess that is one of the rick management of your area.
- Individual Project Information 1/1 Research/Observation Period 2016-09-08 〜 2016-09-14

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ArCS Theme 6 : Response and biodiversity status of the Arctic ecosystems under environmental change


Cryosphere, Hydrology


RollCo-researcherNameMotoaki TojoAffiliationOsaka Prefecture

Research/Observation Period

2016-09-08 〜 2016-09-14

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N: 55.163056, S: 55.163000, W: -77.453056 E: -77.453056,
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07:16 on Fri June 24, 2016
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